Ali + Carly // Captain Flander's House Wedding Chillmark Martha's Vineyard

Ali and Carly are one of the sweetest couples we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with; we met up with them for coffee in New York at the beginning of 2018 and knew immediately how fun and easy-going it was going to be to shoot their wedding day. We love meeting with potential clients in person beforehand whenever possible; it definitely adds a level of familiarity and comfort on the wedding day that can only help things run smoother. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to connect on an even deeper personal level though, so from the first time we met these two, we could tell it was going to be a good one.

The wedding was at another one of favorite places to shoot on the island, Captain Flander’s House, with its open fields (filled with daisies and horses), cute inn and gorgeous original stone masonry throughout. Of course there are plenty of photos of Ali and Carly showcasing each of these but also so many capturing the moments of pure happiness and joy that flowed throughout the day. It was really touching how emotional the whole event was; every moment showing how truly excited everyone was that these two had found each other. So many joyful tears and so sweet to be apart of!

The weather was a late June perfection and everyone's wonderful mood was furthered by delicious food from Buckley’s and one of our top Martha’s Vineyard musical acts, Mike Benjamin & Co. The dancing went late and the night was capped by the band serenading Ali and Carly along a dark trek across the field to their cab to the afterparty. Such a beautiful energy at this one.